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Daikin Error & Fault Codes by THS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Northampton.

Daikin Air conditioning error guide by THS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Northampton.

How to Check for Error Codes on your Daikin Air Conditioning System.

With the wireless remote controller supplied with the unit, failure codes can be found by holding the timer cancel button down for 5 seconds. (The remote has to be close to your indoor unit.)

The temperature display on the remote controller changes to the error code display and a long beep notifies this indication change.

ARC447A, ARC455A, ARC452A, ARC433B, ARC423A, ARC417A wireless remote controllers.

this is how to get the errors from your daikin using your remote control

When the timer cancel button is held down for 5 seconds you get a flashing 00 on the remote. When you see this, press the timer cancel button repeatedly until a continuous beep is generated.

After this a error code will be shown on your remote. Please see below the faults and error codes that have been put together by our air conditioning engineers. - If you're still confused and not sure what to do, our friendly engineers are happy to help. Call one of our air conditioning engineers.

Daikin RA Domestic/Residential Air-conditioner.

Indoor Fault/Error CodesPossible Cause
A1Malfunction of indoor unit printed circuit board. - Defective indoor unit PCB. Get it check by our air conditioning engineer.
A3Drain Level Control System Abnormality. - Defective drain pump fail, Drain clogging or Defective fl oat switch. Check short circuit connector.
A4Malfunction of freezing protection. - Defective water temperature thermistor. Low water volume or low water temperature setting.
A5High pressure control in heating, freeze-up protection control in cooling. - Clogged air filter of indoor unit and short circuit or Defect of indoor unit heat exchanger thermistor.
A6Fan motor malfunction. - Check indoor PCB. Defective fan motor or Broken wire. Short circuit of, or disconnection of connectors from the fan motor harness.
AHDust collector of air cleaner malfunction. - High voltage power supply unit. Defect of dust collecting element. Check indoor PCB.
C4Malfunction of liquid pipe thermistor for heat exchanger. - Check indoor PCB. Defective thermistor for liquid pipe or Defective connector contact.
C5Malfunction of gas pipe thermistor for heat exchanger. - Defective thermistor for gas pipe. Check indoor PCB. Defective connector contact.
C7Front panel driving motor fault. - Check limit switch. Defective front panel driving motor.
C9Malfunction of suction air thermistor. - Check indoor PCB. Defective thermistor for suction air or Defective connector contact.
CAMalfunction of discharge air thermistor. - Check indoor PCB. Defective thermistor for discharge air or Defective connector contact.
CCMalfunction of humidity sensor system. - Defective humidity sensor or Defective connector contact.
CJRoom temperature thermistor in remote controller abnormality. - Check remote PCB. Defective room temperature thermistor in remote controller.
Outdoor Fault/Error CodesPossible Cause
E1Defective outdoor unit PCB. - CHECK. Defective connection of inside/ outside relay wires.
E3HPS = high pressure switch. - Fail on high pressure switch. Dirty outdoor unit heat exchanger. Clogged refrigerant piping or Defective connector contact.
E5Inverter compressor motor or overheat. - Defective inverter PCB. UVW connection error - Check. High differential pressure.
E6Compressor motor overcurrent/lock. (STD) - Defective control PCB. Check stop valve is not opened. Defective compressor.
E7Malfunction of outdoor unit fan motor system. - Fan motor failure. Also check harness. Check fan for foreign matters caught in it - Clean it.
E8Overcurrent of inverter compressor. - Check outdoor PCB. Defective inverter main circuit capacitor. Check compressor.
EAMalfunction of four way valve or cool/heat switchin. - Shortage of gas. Check outdoor PCB. Defective four way valve.
F3Malfunction of discharge pipe temperature. - Defective discharge pipe thermistor. Check outdoor PCB. Defective connector contact.
F6Abnormal high pressure or refrigerant overcharged. - Refrigerant overcharged. Disconnection of heat exchanger deicer thermistor or outdoor air thermistor. Disconnection of liquid pipe temperature thermistor.
H0Malfunction of sensor system of compressor. - Harness is disconnected, or defective connection. Outdoor PCB defect.
H1Malfunction of room temperature sensor or humidifi er unit damper. - Defective limit switch. Check damper.
H3Malfunction of high pressure switch . - Check for broken wires also check outdoor PCB. Defective connector contact or switch.

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