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admin | | Updated: December 28th, 2019

What is COP in Air Conditioning?

You might have seen the phrase “COP”, “CP”, even, “EER” and you’ve probably scratched your head wondering what they both mean.

You’ve probably seen them when looking at a heat pump, refrigerator or air conditioning system.

COP which means the coefficient of performance and EER is the energy efficiency ratio.

Higher the COP and the EER equate to lower operating costs and the more energy-efficient the unit will be. If you find an air conditioning system that generates 5kW of heat from a 1kW electrical input, it’s COP is said to be 5.0. Which means this air conditioning system is very energy efficient.

EERenergy efficiency ratio. This you might have seen before, for example, on your fridge freezer and your washing machine at home, it looks something like this:

the eer

The EER rating for an air conditioning system is calculated by dividing the BTU (British Thermal Units) rating by the wattage. For example, a 9,000BTU air conditioning system that uses 2.5kWs of power has an EER of 4.3 You can read all about the BTU by viewing our “What is BTU in Air Conditioning?” blog post.

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