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Air Conditioning Costs

Installation & Running Costs

The installation and running costs for wall mounted air conditioning systems in Northampton

Costs for 2023 - 2024


The installation cost for a wall mounted air conditioning unit will cost between £1,000 and £1,700 in Northampton. The price will depend of the quality of the system for example, the price for a top-quality ac unit will cost close to £1,700 fully installed, a mid-range ac unit will cost you £1,400 fully installed and the lower level ac unit will cost £1,100 fully installed.

Warranty When looking for a reliable air conditioning system, idealy you want to choose a manufacturer that includes parts and labour in their warranties. A manufacturer that has 10 years warranty is only good if it includes labour. Check before buying.

Running & Energy

For a main bedroom air conditioning unit at 2.5Kw, the running costs by hour is between 46p and 66p an hour. The average cost to run your air conditioning is £1.62p at night.

Installed Vs Portable

Portable air conditioning units are not energy-efficient as installed units. With a portable expect to pay between £2.20 and £2.64 a day based on around 44p an hour. Most portable AC units don't have the option to heat so making them useless in the winter months. The biggest disadvantages with a portable unit is that they are noisy, expensive to run and are not efficient for large rooms.


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