Air Conditioning Manufacturers

Northampton Air Conditioning only supplies and installs aircon units that are high quality and good customer support. See below the Manufacturers we install.

Our Air Conditioning Manufacturers

With so many manufacturers of air conditioners around the globe, we've selected a small number of air conditioning manufacturers we love to work with.

Below, listed in no particular order, are by far the best quality aircon manufacturers units we work with, we only work with outstanding quality, with great customer services and have great guarantees.

Air Conditioning Manufacturers
Air Conditioning Manufacturers

Bosch Air Conditioning

All Bosch home wall mounted air conditioning units come with two main units – an indoor box, connected and mounted on the wall inside the home, and an outdoor box, connected outside your home.

Indoor unit – wall mounted installed high on an inside wall, this absorbs the warm air from the room and releases cooler air into your home.

Outdoor unit – normally fitted to a roof, balcony, or wall outside your home, this is where the warm air is released outdoors and where the cooler air can be collected.

Recent bosch installations

bosch air conditioning installation 1
bosch air conditioning installation 2
bosch air conditioning installation 3
bosch air conditioning installation 4

Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Fujitsu design some of the best looking indoor units to suit any interior.

The fujitsu units have outstanding energy efficiency which is achieved by using a high-efficiency lamda heat exchanger, a large crossflow fan, and R32 refrigerant.

You can control your fujitsu air con units using your smart phone.

Air Conditioning Manufacturer - Fujitsu

Recent Fujitsu installations

Fujitsu air conditioning installation 1
Fujitsu air conditioning installation 2
Fujitsu air conditioning installation 3
Air Conditioning Manufacturer - Samsung

Samsung Air Conditioning

Samsung air conditioners are great budget units. Samsung have created great looking wall mounted air conditioners with their WindFree technology that cools the air without cold blasts.

The Samsung air conditioning units can both cool and heat. Samsung ClimateHub with the SmartThings app lets you control your home environment via your smart device, from anywhere you are.

Recent Samsung installations

Samsung air conditioning installation 1
Samsung air conditioning installation 2
Samsung air conditioning installation 3

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