Sports Centre Air Conditioning Installations

Are you running a sport centre that doesn't have air conditioning or you have one that has broken?

We all know that well-maintained air conditioning syetem in a sports centre will help a rigorous exercise regime in order to improve performance.

We have the perfect sports centre air con system that can be installed in your gym rooms, sports halls or yoga rooms..

Air Conditioning for Sports Centres

The ideal temperatures of a fitness gym is somewhere between 16C and 18C in the summer.

The last thing you want is being dehydration or having a heat stroke, so having a air conditioning system that works is important to your users.

We offer a range of commercial leisure centre air conditioning units that we can install quickly. Air conditioners inside your leisure centre premises will ensure clients won’t be too warm after a sweat session and will instead feel comfortable.

By installing leisure centre air conditioning, you are ensuring ventilation where you need it most, get your aircon installed from as little as £1,049.

air con for sports centre


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