School Air Conditioning Installations

We are a premier provider of air conditioning services in schools and colleges in Northamptonshire.

Our educational team of Air Conditioning engineers are super-friendly, always on-hand to help you through every step of the process.

✓ Improved Working Conditions

✓ Productive learning environment

✓ Improved Comfort

Benefits of air conditioning in schools and colleges

Recent research suggests that the effects of improper temperature management in the educational setting have been associated with aggressive behaviour amongst students aswell as being distracted, agitated and uncomfortable.

When you have hunderds of pupils in schools 5 days a week, keeping them all warm or cool during the school day may seem that air conditioning is the last thing on your list as schools and colleges are very busy environments. Such environments require stringent management of temperature and climate.

Keeping your pupils and staff comfortable is conducive to a positive, productive and relaxed environment, and in order to do that, you need THS Air Conditioning & Heating Northampton to install air conditioning systems that are efficient and installed correctly.

School AC units, wall-mounted air conditioning

Your Air Conditioning Installers for Schools and Colleges

Air conditioning within school, college and other educational buildings is no longer a luxury, but is increasingly seen as essential to a productive learning environment. Air conditioning units are much more energy efficient than the gas boilers that are often found in schools, so having them, schools can save on energy bills.

We are not tied to any supplier or manufacturer which means we can install a system that best suits the schools needs and budgets. We are finding many schools complete the work over a number of years by installing air conditioning in 2-3 classrooms at a time often recovering the investment cost within 5 years by savings in energy bills.


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