Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Installations

Probably the most popular type of air conditioning installation in the UK. The wall mounted air conditioner is the type of unit we install over 90% of the time because usually they are the easiest to install as well as being the cheapest fitted and the maintenance costs are low.

All wall mounted aircon units provide both eco efficient cooling and cost effective heating to keep you comfortable all year round.

About The Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Unit

These types of units are installed high up on the wall and can be mounted on almost any wall. All our wall mounted air conditioners feature a heat pump meaning they can heat as well as cool.

Unlike other fitted units such as the ceiling cassetes and other industrial units, the wall mounted unit is exceptionally quieter alternative with no strong gusts, perfect for homes, bedrooms and gyms, enabling people to sleep and work without distraction when the unit is turned on.

Most wall mounted units double up as a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture in the air which is great for caravans and bedrooms.

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Benefits of the Wall Mounted Air Conditioner Unit

One benefit that the wall mounted units can do is both heat and cool your space as most wall mounted units are heat pumps. This is especially useful when you want to keep rooms, such as conservatories, garden rooms and bedrooms cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We already know that so let's jump into another benefit - the wall mounted unit is a lot quieter than other air conditioners such as portable air conditioners for example. Another benefit of the wall mounted is that they can last up to 12 years thanks to today's technologies and in that time the system will pay for its self twice over in energy savings.

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